Artworks by Kota Yamaji

Sphere of design is growing up from day to day and new names become popular. To create something unique and exciting it’s not enough to have an idea, the way designer presents it is also important.


Bachelor of graphic design from Tokio, Kota Yamaji, proves that even the first steps in career may be awesome and remarkable. Graduating from the Tama Art University, Kota couldn’t imagine that her artworks would make her famous and professional.


Digital artist from Japan catches the attention of the audience by interest and strangeness of her creations and after only the first sight of them, it’s clear that Kota is a person of art.






Why attach a blog to your website?


  • Creators can solve client’s problems and challenges.


  • It proves that you are an expert in an exact field.


  • You become a trusted authority, giving you an advantage over your competitors.


  • Blog generates more traffic for the website.


  • It’s linking your website, increasing domain authority and helps with ranking higher SERPs.


  • A weekly updated blog would make Google know that you are still in business and rank will be higher.


  • You will have content for social networks.

Design blog on DC is an example of good ones, containing information about all spheres of design.

How to start a blog?

Deciding to create a blog on your website, it’s necessary to understand that there are some rules in this sphere. Some of the most important advice are presented below:


Internet history

1969 was not only a year when people landed on the Moon for the first time but also was a year when Internet began as an experiment by USA Department of Defense.



Which domain is the most expensive?

The importance of domains is quite clear because it’s known that Internet addressing scheme without them shows low effectiveness. Right domain name adds your business credibility, mobility and just builds your brand.


Some domains are very expensive and their prices can impress everyone.


Printing Part 1: Digital vs. Litho

Digital vs. Offset Lithography Printing So you’ve got freshly designed artwork ready to unleash on the world? Now it just needs to be printed. Hold on there, cowboy. The print method is almost as important as the design itself, and not just because it could have a significant impact on your budget. Know your printing onions.

Printing Part 2: Getting Creative

Getting Creative There are lots of creative options available for jazzing up your prints. We’ve been exploring our goldmine of info and have unearthed a few doozies for you. The specialised techniques listed below can all be used for your prints. Of course, they don’t come for free but the results can be spectacular!

Printing Part 3: Fabric

Fabric Printing Personalised clothing is as popular and affordable as ever, with everyone from Coca-Cola to the guy next door getting in on the action. If you’re looking to print a personalised design, our old friend digital printer can step up to the plate but there’s also a number of other options worth considering.